Intended Use

Trips to the shopping center or vet- A lightweight, collapsible stroller is probably the right choice. These strollers fold quickly, with one hand, allowing you to set-up and shut-down in a timely fashion.


Short walks - Almost any type of stroller will do for this purpose.


Fast Walking, Jogging or Running - “Height to handle” is an important number to consider. If you are planning to run with your pet, you want the handle to be at least 37 inches high so your feet don’t kick the wheels. Generally the smaller strollers are not meant for fast walks or running. The smaller strollers maneuver easily with one hand when traveling at an average walking pace. For higher impact activities, strollers specified to be “all-terrain,” “off-road” or “jogger” will better suit your needs. A zippered pocket is a handy place to keep keys and treats.


Terrain - Consider the size of the wheels and the type of wheel.  Don’t choose a wheel that is too small if you think you’ll use the stroller more on uneven ground than on smooth road. Also pay attention to whether the tires are air-filled or EVA foam. If you plan to run off-road or on uneven terrain, you will be happier with air-filled, or pneumatic, tires because they provide a smoother ride. They do, however, require upkeep as far as making sure they have enough air and repairing potential flats. Keep in mind that air-filled tires do add extra weight to the stroller, which may be important to you regarding loading and unloading from your home and car. EVA tires, or ethylene vinyl acetate, are the most common type of tire found on strollers. This is because they are lightweight, never flatten and require almost no maintenance. The front tire should be fixed, or have the option to not have it swivel, when running off-road. Also for off-road activity, it is difficult to constantly manage the steering of a stroller with a swivel front wheel. A fixed wheel helps the stroller stay on track and you only need to navigate turns by gently pushing down on the handle to shift the direction of the stroller.


Size of Pet - Don’t choose a stroller based entirely on weight limits. Often people choose a stroller that is too small for their pet. Weight limits for strollers are just a guide. If your pet is even close to the weight limit, you should consider a larger stroller. It should have enough room for the pet to sit, stand and turn around in the compartment.  It is common for people to place two pets in a stroller. This works very well as long as the compartment isn’t too small for each pet to turn around.


Cost - While everyone probably has a price limit, be sure to evaluate the features of a less expensive stroller in relation to your planned use. Cheaper does not mean you and your pet will be pleased with the stroller. Also be careful of imitation brand strollers that sell for a lot less, you will probably not be happy with the quality.


Low versus High Rider- Some pets like to be closer to the ground and will do better in a stroller compartment that sits closer to the wheels. Other pets like to have a better view, or would rather be closer to their owner, so would prefer the higher riding seats. The high riders most often have a storage basket underneath. Larger dogs with mobility problems often are more comfortable lower to the ground. It is easier to enter and exit a stroller that is lower to the ground.


Privacy Area - Decide whether your pet would like a covered part of the stroller compartment to be alone. This is a particularly popular feature with cats.


Fabric – You often see Denier 600 as a description for the fabric of a stroller. This is a high grade fabric that is easily spot cleaned with a wet rag. Denier nylon is a unit of measuring the weight of a thinly spun fiber.  It tells us how durable the material is, and also the fineness of natural and synthetic fiber filaments and yarns. The higher the Denier the thicker the fabric, while a lower Denier indicates a finer fabric. 


Removable Pad? - Many strollers have a pad that is able to be taken out and cleaned. It is convenient to be able to take out only the pad to clean dirty paw prints.